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Paintings in prose, a collection of poetry, life changing quotes & breathtaking artwork.



The goal of this book was to create a way for viewers to experience my paintings & poetry in a art gallery environment. I wanted to simulate the journey that is taken when you visit an art exhibit. This is a snapshot in time of my current collection of artwork. The original pieces are available for sale, so at any moment the canvas can have a new owner. The inventory is fluid, meaning that it is always changing. So, I decided that the best way to capture this fluid type of inspired creative energy was to organize it into collections.

The collections are created and released in different seasons, eras or time frames. Life influences my perspective and expressiveness depending on what or who I’m around or connected to or what book I’m reading.  This body of work contains various artwork styles from figurative, abstract, minimalism, graffiti, & portraits of historically influential individuals. The art gallery art book will take you on a journey through the mind and heart of the artist. Get ready to experience storytelling expressed through art,  inspiring quotes & poetry which I call paintings in prose.

The Art Gallery Art Book

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